• You, grumpy? I can't imagine that. I wish you luck dear, try real hard not to think about a beautiful succulent perfectly cooked rib-eye with a big 'ol baked potato sitting beside it and everything will be OK.
  • Good for you. Keep a positive attitude and focus on a mental image of how good you will look, how clothes will fit you better and how you'll feel more energetic and healthier by losing the extra pounds. I believe the first days are the hardest part. Hopefully if you stick to a routine the rest will be easier. Good Luck G.
  • *HUGE HUG* I'm so proud of you to be taking a step in improving your health! I want you to be around for a very long time and being healthy is important. You can do this, I know you can. Nosh on some fruit to quell the hunger pangs.
  • Richard will be with you all the way! Good for you. Can you drop a few pounds for me too? No? I understand. It's hard work, but it will pay off. You'll be healthier and happier in the long run and I KNOW you can do it. With or without Richard :)
  • Sing this song for yourself every night as a "mantra". It's a heartfelt song - you will not feel grumpy anymore, but happy and... beautiful :)))
  • gtravels, you have my full support!! I get grumpy every time I try to quit smoking, but this time around I am constantly reminding myself that it's not just for me, it's for the people who love me. I find it to be a useful and motivating approach... maybe it could work for you. In any case... hang in there and don't give up! The most important thing to remember is that you're trying. Even if you slip up and say, eat a side of beef, it doesn't mean you've failed. It just means you aren't done yet. Sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back. I will be here cheering for you and offering my support whenever you need it!! Good luck!
  • You can do it!
  • Now you tell me after you just bit my head off less than 2 minutes ago!! I never saw that<here comes Babycakes waving that white flag>. It's a tough battle for just the first week then you notice the inches going down and it gives you the power to do even better the week after. I'm so proud of you! It's an ongoing battle for me but I'm not a quitter and neither are you. There is one slice of banana cream pie left~~I'll fight you for it.
  • Number one thing to remember is say to yourself "I am loved no matter what I weigh!" Say that out loud to yourself, write it down if you need to, past it on your mirror and your fridge! Go on, do it now, I'll wait........ Now, allow no self-defeating talk because it leads to weight gain and more of the self-degrading talk comes and leads to quieting that nasty negative spewing with more comfort foods. SO don't start. Go back to the above statement and learn to accept that instead of the negative. Remember, if you think you can’t do something or if you think you can do something, you’re usually right in either case. Which one you decide to be right about will determine your outcome. Anything you set out doing, losing weight included, is almost always mental. Like you set in motion the negative affirmations every day, set in place POSITIVE affirmations instead. Do this every day. Instead of telling yourself you’re fat, tell yourself instead: "Yes, I am. But I will be less fat this time next week." And then DO something positive, eat something healthy, go for a walk, help someone, work. For every negative thought that comes to you, be ready to counter that thought with a positive one. If a negative thought like, "Look at all that belly! That will never go away!" comes to you, you can counter that thought with, "That stomach is here now, but it won’t always be. Excuse me, I have a date with a workout class." You have to change your thoughts and your perspective. And then you will change your life. I know you can do whatever you want to do. And we do love you know matter what...that will not change:-)
  • Here's a trick I used with success: Buy an outfit that you really like, but buy a size or two too small. When you feel like giving in go look at it, maybe try to put it on. Realize what is really important, the food or your figure. And remember, a little cheating will help keep you from binging. Just keep it to a minimum and don't give up. Good luck.
  • Grumpy Schmumpy! You can do it G!!! I know you can. And maybe we can see if margharitas have points? I will google it and email you tomorrow!
  • Dear, I lost 42 kilos! and I feel so much better now. I still have a long way to go, but my life is different, I can tell I have found a new person in me that enjoys everything and lives healthier and happier. GO FOR IT!!! And remember you dont have to stop eating, you must be careful with quality and quantity. Enjoy your progress. Love, Ana
  • Congratulations for taking that first step. That is sometimes a great hurdle to get over! Weight Watchers is a great program and I wish you the best on it. Someone once told me this saying and I remember it often when I just want to pig out: "Nothing tastes as good as THIN feels"
  • I tried over and over to lose weight before I started Weight Watchers. I really needed motivation and support to lose weight. My doctor recommended it because it's more of a healthy eating plan than a diet. I lost over 80lbs and 4 sizes in clothes and I've kept it off nearly 3 years. Going to the meetings is a BIG help. Weight Watchers really does can do it!!

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