• That just because orange frosting looks like it taste good does not mean it is good. Everyones costume looked better than mine. You should not serve red fruit punch with plastic eyeballs floating around in it to 4th grade girls. The janitor had a busy day that day.
  • Nothing, because we did not have Halloween parties.
  • i don't remember any halloween parties from grade school. i remember trick or treating and being ditched by my (boy) cousins at the high school haunted house and eating myself sick on treats, but no parties at school
  • In Elementary school we would all leave the building in our costumes and walk around the school. When we got back to our classrooms they had all been set up like a party with treats on each desk.
  • The table at the front of the room full of treats, and the fun we had decorating our classroom.
  • I never went I hated asking my mam for money for a costume lol :)
  • I went as a cat every year. Seriously, like every year. It was the only thing my mum could make.
  • Didn't really have any Halloween parties at school. We did art work - and the bulletin board decorations changed - but that was it. However, there were two big things that happened each year elsewhere: (1) We did our costumes and trick or treating. The older we got, the further from home we could go. And, we were really getting somewhere when a group of us kids could go vs having adults "with us". Looking back, it had to be about a 2 mile "walk" as we went from house to house. Only learned years later that the adults were calling each other as we came and left from each house. They were tracking us!!! lol Every year at the "half-way point", there was one house where we knew we would be invited in. Two elderly "aunt" types .. sisters. We had to take our jackets off, go in, be "mannerly" and each of us tell them a little something about something. They, in turn, warmed us up with hot cider and cookies. LOL (2) The other big thing was on a different night than Halloween, but was the annual village Halloween party. Usually held at the Grange Hall. The "parade" and costume judging. Lots of contests .. from trying to "catch" wrapped candies hanging from the ceiling with our teeth and of course, dunkin' for apples. Lots of other games. Punch and cookies. Seems like that got served at lots of functions. lol Too much information ... "again" .. but there you go. :)
  • That they were fun. We all dressed up, played games, sang songs, and bobbed for apples. We always got little candy treat bags, caramel apples, and the best cupcakes. We also had a policeman come in and talk to us about trick or treat safety.
  • the treats, juices, crackers, food in one table!
  • I remember my mom dragging me out of school every year in front of all my classmates while they had fun so I could sit at home and think about how "evil" Halloween is. Good times.
  • Our school always had a parade. All the kids would march around the neighborhood in their costumes. The parents would stand outside their houses and clap and cheer. It was the most fun! (Of course that's when most Mom's were at home all day.)
  • The boys dressed up as Power Rangers with the plastic masks :)
  • Not attending due to it's Satanic and Pagan affiliation.
  • I remember that my parents would pull me out of class each year because we didn't celebrate Halloween.
  • I remember the year a parent sent in orange and black cupcakes and everyone ended up with black teeth for hours after eating them.
  • Walking around school with my costume on.

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