• Technically, yes. Many people have died of broken hearts. The grief and emotional distress of a break-up has caused MANY people to commit suicide. Break-ups are among one of the leading causes of suicides in the country. in a more somewhat unrelated aspect of dying of a broken heart, the distress and emotion of losing a loved one (death, etc) can cause people to be so overwhelmed with sadness and grief that they begin to suffer physically.
  • I guess a broken heart could kill you.If you were happy with someone you loved for 20 years for example, and it ended suddenly and abruptly the emotional shock could be so extreme as to stop your heart physically in rare instances. A very severe broken heart later in life could propel one into depression and poor eating and thus theoretically shorten ones life span. Once after a severe emotional shock I was aware of a crushing sensation and physical chest pains.If this went on too long it could cause health problems I think.
  • Its actually possible to die of ONLY a broken heart. It stems from the flight or fight responce. It affects mainly women (this is not understood why) and usually people with already damaged hearts (of 20 people 19 were female and over 70. one was 27 though) Anyhow, when shocked, the heart creats adrenalyn and other bio-chemicals. combined with an already weak heart from Heart disease, or just old age, this can shock the heart into a pseudo-heart attack. It doesn't stop the heart, but renders it completely useless. You should do a search on a major search engine for "dying from a broken heart" and read the medical reports. Very interesting.
  • My mother had cancer and died and only 13 hours later my father died of a massive heartattack. When My Mother died it was as though something left my father emotionally and mentally. The only case they could give him is that he died of a broken heart. This was the worst day in my life thus far however, I know that they both loved each other to death. I just never thought it was possible until it happened to my own parents. and for the simple fact that they were interacial couple they had to go through so much adversity that their love grew strong. They taught us kids what love was really all about. From: Caleb Chicago, Illinois
  • I think many people have.
  • Kind of a late response, but better late than never. I believe that people can die of a broken heart. Sometimes it's from suicide, but when I hear someone died of a broken heart, I think about someone who died without any apparent cause. I believe that, especially with the elderly or someone of poor health, a person can experience so much stress, their bodies just can't take it and shut down. Of course, this goes along with the theory of the elderly going when they feel they need to. I've come across numerous cases of elderly people dying after a happy moment or day in their life. I truly believe that will power has a much greater effect on the body than we think.
  • Yes some older people who have been married for many years ...and when one died the other followed soon after.
  • not that i know of
  • Yea my grandmother deid of one my grandfather deid like 3 weeks later my grandmother told me she couldnt live with out him any more it was sad to hear i told her i kinda understand i said goodbye she told me not to tell any one and a day later she passed away....:)no worry's she will always be with me and so will my grandfather i miss them :(
  • generally, only if its broken with a pistol , knife, or impalled by something
  • yes!! An ex coworker of mine's sister grieved so much after the death of her mother she soon died. I could see how it could happen.
  • if fiction counts, padme amidala died of a broken heart in star wars episode III: Revenge of the sith!
  • My uncle passed away about 3 years ago, that left my aunt devastated they had been married over 30 years, not long after my uncle passed (about 3 months) my aunts Father passed away, this left her to take care of her Mother and she was still grieving over my uncle, it had been 3 years and she would tell my Mother, what will I do without him, I just cant go on without him, this was just the other day- My gosh, it has been 3 years! Well, her Mother passed last week on Nov 30, and while at the funeral home making the arrangments for the viewing, my aunt had a massive heart attack and died, right there at the funeral home. We are all in shock because other than her grieving heart, there was nothing wrong with her, she was 65 and healthy... so we thought! I sincerly think she died from a broken heart!
  • Yes but this is suicide. Very weak people.
  • Yes, I believe that my grandfather died of a broken heart. After my grandmother died, my grandfather was not the same. He had no interest in anything, and it was only a few short weeks following the death of my grandmother that my grandfather followed suit and died. I believe that he lost interest in living all together after he lost his wife, and indeed died of a broken heart.
  • Well technically you can....but in a form of speech...a broken heart can lead to depression and or trauma. Mentally and physically you just dont feel right. When someone breaks your heart, you don't have a desire to live which makes you soul and character die inside. The only way to come back from the dead is is you mentally recover from this incident.
  • Two of my uncles commited suicide, both of them because of their wifes cheated on them. So they did. Hmm..
  • there is a medical term for it.... Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (also known as broken-heart-syndrome)
  • one of my dogs died from my great grandfather dieing
  • +5. Not since duct tape was invented,that thar stuff will fix anything
  • Yeah, ya know it happens alot. When a couple has grown old togather, and 1 dies...usually the other follows along soon after that. ...also the same with animals, often when a loved owner dies, the animal passes along shortly after that...its just a connection, and when 1 is missed so greatly...their own purpose becomes less than.
  • This man came close many times
  • Yes.I have.I lost someone I love and can't get back and I live day to day without really careing much.Sad eh? thats how I'd see
  • I have seen quite a few guys drink themselves to death and unrequited love is probably at the top of the list for why these guys let themselves go and diminish themselves.:(
  • At least one every minute.

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