• It means that before you judge them or something they do or say, you should look at the situation from their viewpoint. Try to see it how they see it. Try to understand all views on the conflict, not just your own. It is basically saying that you should keep an open mind and not criticize before you understand and think about any alternate interpretations to the situation. I agree with it - too often, people are too ignorant or stuborn to realize that there might actually be another perfectly rational and legitimate way to see things.
  • Because by then, you're a mile away, and you have their shoes. :0)
  • The answer to your question is pretty obvious. you cannot judge a homeless person, simply because he does not work, as an example. many homeless people are well educated. most have committed a marriage sin and have been taken to the cleaners by their wife. many are school teachers, scientists, ex-ceo's of large corportations. you cannot understand their life until you have a sitdown one on one conversation. some homeless people are injured or sick and have no medical coverage. they just wander from town to town. Yes, some homeless people can work at something, i agree. most have given up on life and are now dependent on you and i for their livelihood by means of tax dollars. my most sympathy goes to homeless familes with children. Each person has a story to tell. one ex-convict told me that no one would hire him, simply because he's an ex-convict and he gave up trying. You definetely need to walk a mile in a homeless persons shoes, before we criticize them. some are lazy, but most deserve another chance at life, the way you and i know it. This is why so many homeless people commit suicide.
  • Well first of all, we should not criticize anyone. I think if we walk in someone else's shoes, we would feel the discomfort of the shoe and maybe it would cause us to judge ourselves in defining why the shoe does not fit us, i.e., maybe our self-pride is too big(if it's a small shoe) or maybe we are narrow-minded(if it's a narrow shoe) or maybe we have some hidden issues of our own, (if the style or color or brand of shoe is a turn off). Walking in another's shoe should lead us to look inward at our own inabilities to embrace people where they are.
  • Nobody else is gonna walk anywhere in MY shoes! Lol:)
  • so you know what its like

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