• Read the assigned material. Go to the lectures. Take good notes. Make it a point to go and visit your professor during office hours at least once per class and as needed for clarification. Take good notes and summarized them each day into a permanent notebook. Writing things down twice will help you to set the information firmly in place in your brain.
  • Going to class.
  • Study. Study. Study.
  • Pay attention to your syllabus! Profs will get you every time!
  • Being smart helps, but being there (attending classes, being visible, volunteering, joining clubs, etc) matters a lot more.
  • Don't know that one, never been to collage, however, I expect that 100% studying may be a factor.
  • Make sure you read the books the teacher tells you to. Then, make sure you go to class so he could tell you all about what you just read. Next, forget all that until the day before the test, then stay up all night eating pizza with the others from that class in a 'cram session' and try to remember it just long enough to take the test and tell the teacher back what he told you to think to begin with. After that, forget everything, for you'll never again be tested on the book the teacher told you to read and his telling you what you've read session that followed.
  • Read your syllabuses (wow is that actually a word I thought it might be syllabi), go to class, and study. I personally don't read all the material, but most of it. You will get really good at reading books without reading the whole thing.
  • Go to class, read, ask questions.
  • attendence is rule #1
  • Studying something you're truly interested in.

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