• drink a gallon of maple syrup every night before bed it'll be sure to solve it in a couple of years
  • the habbit of grinding your teeth is not an uncommon phenomenon so you are not alone. since you are aware of the problem, when you catch yourself doing it, make a conscious effort to stop. When you go to bed, it is recommended that you use a mouthguard beleive it or not. this will prevent damage to your teeth. best of luck to you
  • Whenever I found myself grinding my teeth I used to push my tongue flat to the roof of my mouth. This helps relax your facial muscles also. Now I find myself doing that over grinding my teeth.
  • I wake myself anf my gf up doing it. it sounds like pop corn popping. I have even broken a piece off of a tooth before. I go through phases with it, usually it happens most when I am stressed and can't sleep well. OF course a week of TMJ usually stops me from getting much sleep too.
  • Get a mouth guard (like boxers)
  • just dont do it

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