• Ah I had this same problemo. And it never worked again. However, I bought a four generation old ipod as they were trying to get rid of old stock, so it could be just that it wasn't as top notch as the new ipods. But, in your case, I would take it to a store, such as one that sells ipods, and ask the people there if they know what's wrong with it. Hope it works for you! Cause iPods can be $$$ I swear Apple makes them in a way so that they break every four years and you need a new one!
  • the same thing is happening to me its been pluged in for two days and it hasn't charged. I'm going to the apple store to see whats wrong with it. If iwere you I would go too.
  • it happened to me. All you have to do is diconnect it from the computer then plug it back in it should start to charge.
  • My NANO is only a couple days old. The battery was charged and going a bit low, but not real low. And all of a sudden it quit working and said "connect to power". I love the NANO and am lost now w/out it. I am at work and have to plug it in when I get home.
  • Maybe you can use iTunes to restore the device, but this will erase data. And I know there is a tool called TunesKit which can help you fix the device with no data loss.

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