• Was this an "Add On" like for a Ham Radio??? If so, pull the Negative Battery Cable then remove the "Fuse" however it has been attached. However, it could be useful to hook up a "Inverter" to run A.C. equipment. John
  • Funny I posted the question and I now am answering it! Here we remove the 100A fuse you must First, open fuse box, un-clip clips that are on the sides of the fuse box with a SMALL screwdriver pushing gently between the plastic. Second you need to pull up the fuse box to access the screws that hold in the 100A fuse,(this can only be done if you move the box the holds the air filter - un-clip air filter and pull up,take the filter out then unscrew the bolts holding the air filter box in. Pull slightly up and over exposing wires connected to fuse box. With this done, wires that were unable to move can now be free to, when pulling up fuse box) Third, undo screws that hold in the 100A fuse put them aside. Lastly pull out blown fuse and replace with new. Put back together and get in and DRIVE.

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