• Earth tones. White = clinic.
  • Don't go white, you need to set a relaxing mood, how about a soft earthy lavender
  • well i know it's not one of your options you said but blue is said to be the most relaxing color. out of those though I would go with earthy tones.
  • I would opt for a calming color like a sea foam green/blue. Very soothing to the eyes and atmosphere
  • well, uh, I strongly disagree with whoever said blue was relaxing!!!! blue is a COLD color, any way you look at it!!! the most relaxing color is green, but you have to make sure you select the right shade!!! it should be soft, not too much yellow in go to a paint store and look at all the green paint color will jump out at you, or you will feel attracted to it....if you don't care for green, then definitely go with the warm, earth tones, but please no darker shades!!! you want the client to feel they are walking in to a nice, quiet area; therefore, NO BLUE!!! lol :D
  • I am decorating a massage room. I am going with earthy tones, (beiges, sand, ) I am also adding sea shells to the decor and then play calming ocean waves sounds in the background
  • Green is relaxing to me :)

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