• lay on the ground flat pull your knees up to wher your feet are flat on the ground and then with only your back and tummy muscles lift your butt off the ground try tilting your body from side to side when your butts off the ground you will feel this in your back
  • Lay on your stomach and do the "superman" pose or variations of it. You can lift up only your chest/head/arms, lift only your legs/feet, and then lift up all at once so that you're only body part on the ground is your stomach. Doing several sets of each will directly strengthen your back muscles. On the machines at the gym, do the seated row, lat pulls and reverse flies.
  • To target your lower back area, I would suggest deadlifts which work the entire back from trapezius to lumbar, or try good mornings which focus on the lower back. Hyperextensions are also good for lower back strengthening.

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