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  • I much prefer Salvador Dali. His paintings have great technique and are fascinating. Andy Warhol's soup cans are dull and mundane.
  • dont know who they are
  • Salvador Dali is more interesting. Andy Warhol I could never see interest.
  • More interesting that Warhol's products (pee on a wall, anyone?) was his personal collection of album covers. Dali was all self-promoting showman ("The Dali News"). Google his appearance on "What's my line?"
  • I have never considered Andy Warhol to be an artist of any kind. Anyone who would pay for anything by him has too much disposable cash and bad taste. Dali was way out there for his time, but at least he was an artist.
  • There is no comparison. Dali by a long shot because he was original and his art is thought-provoking. Warhol is pop art and definitely has it's place but not along side of Dali.

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