• i suppose you could, i never have
  • No I try to get the reciept and take it back for something else. I haven't ever done that but my mom does all the time.
  • I think it depends on who gave you the gift, and what it is. Like if a grandparent gives you an item you might want to wear it once in front of them, then donate it to Salvation Army. I've never regifted. Its a crime, there's foul words for those types of people. I do think its okay to say, " Hey, I got this as a gift, but don't use want it? (unwrapped)" I would never act like I purchased something special for someone when I didn't. Those fake shopping hypocritical bast*rds!!!
  • My mom is famous for that, i usually try to take it back, or give it away.
  • I keep it. I feel bad if I let it go. On a rare occasion I may give it to someone who needs it.
  • If it's something personal that was made for me or purchased with me in mind, I'll keep it because I know the thought behind it was sincere. If there was absolutely no thought put into it, I'll either exchange it or donate it to a favorite charity for their thrift store.
  • no cause then they could recycle it to the person that gave it to me

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