• Xenical is a diet aid. It helps you lose weight by making your body not be able to digest fat. SO any fat you consume in your diet is immediately flushed out. Have you ever seen that Jeff Foxworthy skit where he's talking about the side effects on the medicine being worse then what he's treating? Remember the one side effect he mentioned called "anal seepage?". That would be this drug.
  • Xenical is a prescription medication used to help manage obesity, weight loss and weight maintenance. Xenical works by blocking fats from being absorbed by the body. With Xenical your risk of regaining the lost weight is lowered. Xenical helps most users lose weight quick and keep it off. I left you a link with more info. I hope this helps and good luck.
  • Hi Answerbag staff. Do you really work as a staff member on Answerbag? There‚Äôs a few things I would like to ask you.

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