• unfortunately you would require prescription pain killers for this, probably an anti-inflamatory as well. I had 2nd-degree burns on my shoulders/arms/back once from an excessive sunburn (red head/ :( ) and i had to take 3 weeks off work and 4 pills a day, i don't know if they'd give you a stronger dose than I had, or just longer, but there's no "home rememdy" that i can think of for a burn that bad. Aloe Vera is usually good for surface burns as it cools on contact, but on 1st/2nd degree burns i don't know how well it would work.
  • That sounds more like a 3rd degree burn.
  • you could try aloevera gel. It is suppose to help heal burns faster. Hope you get well soon. Burns are the worst. I would rather be cut!
  • you need to be careful - if the skin has broken you could be at risk from infection - you really would be better to see a doctor - try going to an emergency department and see what they say.
  • Go see a doctor. He can give you something to put on the burns. In the meantime, you could take an anti-inflamatory medicine like ibuprofen. That will help.
  • 2nd degree burns require medical attention to prevent infection. Please go to the ER.
  • That was over 4 months ago. Is your hand still on fire? ;) If so, extinguish it.
  • I'd say at this point, it would be best to see a Doctor. P.S. Try and keep a ALOE plant near by, so that if this ever happens again you may be able to ease some of the pain you're going through now. I told about it in Sassie's comment box here. But could not come up with the name of that plant, until Sassie named it in her comment.......I know it always worked for me if I had it around, in times of need.........Good Luck & hope you get over that pain soon my FRIEND.......:-)
  • go to the er and ask them to give you strong painkillers

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