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  • Simple.... dont care.
  • Ha Ha..not if you'er a sucker for big boobs, long legs and flirting gestures! Just tell them you'er ugly..
  • Being married says that it is wrong to try to get me!
  • I tried playing hard to get a few times ... it didn't work. I still got lucky! Don't you just hate when that happens? Uh ... no, not really. ;-)
  • Tell them you're gay. Worked for me in high school.
  • Wear the scholarly look with thick books in your arms and your deep thoughts reflecting on your face. That will do it.
  • Go to a gay bar. The women love to flirt and will never expect you to say "Oh... alright."
  • Appear to be untintrested enough, not to loose her complete attention. But that,being hard to get, and have one buy into that game, is to play a loosing game. For your self, and to the one that will play along, for this is the dress rehersal for a disasterous relationship.
  • I've done this alot. There are many different ways, I'll tell you one: Day 1: Make alot of eye contact Day 2: Flirt with her Day 3: Ignore her Day 4: Just say Hi Day 5: Tell her she looks beautiful Day 6: Ignore her Day 7: She's thinking long about you
  • Jump into a hole and wear lot's of grease.
  • you cant shell just move on without you girls arent gonna work hard for their own man only their friends man
  • First of all, don't play hard to get. That won't really get you anywhere in the long run. Mind games really suck. HOWEVER, the thing is, you don't want to be available all the time. The best way to play hard to get is just to have a full, busy life so the girl actually has to wait for a bit to actually talk to you or see you. And don't go out of your way to make time for her all the time. Once in a while is fine, since you've still got to show interest. Here's a secret: women just don't understand men. They really, really don't. They like to THINK they do. If she's into you, she's going to be over-analyzing every phone call and email anyway. ;) Seriously, they do that. She'll be trying to read between the lines. It won't occur to her that when you send her an email saying, "I had a really great time the other night. Give me a call sometime and we'll see what's up." that that's exactly what you meant. She's going to show it to her friends and wonder "what did he MEAN by that?". Just have your own life and you won't have to play hard to get.
  • With women? I guess don't show any interest in us. But understand that would make us think you have no interest in us.
  • 12-30-2016 Women do not think the way men think. If you try to play hard to get, the women think you are not interested.
  • play hard to get by not giving the girl what she wants...attention from you but be careful if you do this too much people might think of you as a cocky jerk who thinks he's too good for everyone.

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