• Your looking for a black dot on a black background? No I have never seen that or heard of anything like it.
  • I think you may have what is called a floater.
  • yes actually i have
  • Yes, Last year above zip 11385 - i was trying to make a picture but camera couldn’t get it. I and another person watched it for about 20-30 minutes. Then it disappear. It was steady black dot on blue sky (no clouds), not moving. Dot was on north while sun was 30deg. west (about 5pm summer time). This was like nonreflective object, I’ve seen birds very well because of sun position but "this" one was black and steady. Dot size was about bird head from 100 ft. I was unable to determine distance but for sure it was high above birds. Naturally we check from different angles walking around the street. I think it was few thousands ft. above. That was strange!!! I’m looking for answers also. CU
  • Just today I saw one moving west in a straight line. It looked round and it was pretty small. It couldn't have been a high-flying plane however, as it was below the clouds which weren't particularly high.
  • I had a dream of a black circle in the sky... Perfectly black, about the size of the sun against the evening sky, and about as high. It looked like an eclipse, but it was very bright outside. From what I remember, it was like a harbinger to a global cataclysm... a few hours later or so it seems, the earth was breaking up, news that a tsunami was imminent... the ocean was extremely angry... quakes, crowds of people panicking ... a large aircraft was falling from the sky with only one wing. weird dream, but cool none the less Then again, I've been having this dream for quite a few years now...
  • I have seen this! It was about 5 or more years ago in San stayed in one spot for awhile, then of the most bizarre things I have seen in a long time...with no explanation of what caused it..
  • We saw the black dot thing that was not moving at first. I took pictures and in the pictures the dot is not so black because it was so far away but when you blow it up there are two dots. I have two pictures for proof.

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