• If this thing becomes a depression..which I doubt..the birthrate will probably rise. :)
  • yes alot more welfare babys
  • Maybe a little bit. I think it will be the same.
  • Read Daniel Quinn's book Ishmael. In the book a wise talking ape describing an experiment, would suggest a natural decline in the birthrate comparable to the food resources that sustain us.
  • what upcoming great depression are you predicting Nostrodomus? Are you ignorantly calling the current economic downturn a depression? because it isn't. it isn't even a recession yet. Yet so many uninformed people keep calling for the next "Great Depression"! oh yea of little faith. I wonder, are you going to be upset when you are wrong? I doubt you will even remember the fact that you helped to spread the fear, causing even more harm.
  • We better get prepared....
  • Well, if prospective mommies and daddies are out of work and have lots of time on their hands .... Actually, I have no idea. We had some friends who vowed that cold weather effected the birthrate in their house. I guess it got really cold at least four times.

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