• Hi MM, as you know it is quite possible in the UK to experience all the differant weather types in one day! Not so long ago I woke up and it was sunny, then it got all moody and started to rain, then a hail, some thunder then sunny again, then later foggy... insane.. I just wear a waterproof jacket, shorts and flip flops.. covered all bases there I think!
  • I always do, so I know how to dress appropriately. The weather forecast can change on a dime here, and often we can have extreme changes in temps during the day.
  • I check the weather every morning so I know what to wear to be comfortable. I also like to see the upcoming forecast especially when I have upcoming plans.
  • My wife says i am an expert at forecasting the weather, since i watch The WeatherChannel constantly.
  • If I am doing roof work, definitely. Otherwise I take nature as it comes.
  • Unless it's wintertime, I don't bother with it! Unless I have special plans or long distance travel in mind. Snow is really the only thing that bothers me.
  • I almost always check the forecast. It makes it easier to plan my days. I actually just set an alert on my computer, so it just pops up after I sign on.
  • All I have to do is hit F12 and my Weather widget tells me what I need to know.
  • I check it everyday.
  • It's right there at the bottom of my screen every time I go on line. I can even switch it to see what sort of delightful weather I'm missing by not being in England.
  • Sure, I check the forecast everyday...I just look out the window like this... Hey look! The sun is it was yesterday, the day before and the day before that! :) I live in Arizona and not much changes with the weather here. Sunny blue skies every single day...the most we need around here is MAYBE a light jacket in the early morn or in the evening right now in mid-October. For this Q, I checked the forecast online at and here's what it says: Today (Wednesday): Sunny with a high of 89. Thursday: Sunny with a high of 93. Friday: Sunny with a high of 96. Saturday: Sunny with a high of 95. Sunday: Mostly sunny with a high of 95. Monday: Sunny with a high of 92. Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a high of 89. See what I mean! LOL! :)
  • I like to check nearly every day. I like to keep an eye on the low temps at this time of year so I can be prepared to cover or bring in tender plants. And I like to know if I should expect rain or snow or wind to know how to prepare for it if something comes up:-)
  • I get an idea of what the week is going to be like, so I can dress accordingly and be ready for rain. I don't like to be cold, so as the weather gets more inconsistent and severe, I'll be checking much more often!
  • I don't bother checking it unless an outdoor task, a trip or a recreational outing is planned. I just let nature take its course.
  • I just look up at the sky unless there might be snow.
  • Er just look out the window that way i get a true pic of what the weather is and not get caught out by silly weather people WHO think they know the weather but dont lol
  • Every morning..Jim loves to know that info..and we get the projected 10- day forecast daily as well! He loves knowing stuff like that! :) ((hugs))
  • for some reason I love to watch the weather mum
  • Judging by my alias (and if you read my profile), you can tell that I am a weather geek. I watch the sky, often check the radar via internet at work, esp if bad weather is imminent. I watch the news forecasts at night on the TV. I can (and do) often make my own forecasts using the NWS, NOAA, and military products.
  • i dont bother, i just look out the windows.:)
  • I truly do not bother to. The weather is usually nice here except for the occasional storm or maybe a few rain showers.
  • Yea i check everyday the coming week's forecast, so i can get a faint idea of how the days will turn out and how i can plan them.

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