• probably.
  • Perhaps more often than not. It almost is free in my town, $1 gets you a long way.
  • I use public transportation and its not free... but still cheaper than car expenses.
  • Yes I would. I use it for a fee now because it is still cheaper than maintaining a car.
  • Of course. That's if they came out here to the middle of nowhere.
  • Most people would never use public transportation..ever. Why? the love of the automobile and the convenience it provides. The only way people would use public transportation, is to ban automobiles and trucks on the public highways.
  • Yeah because it would save me alot of money since the gas prices are so high. I put $40 a week in a 98 dodge dokota and it hardly makes it a whole week. Regular is about $3.30/gal. where i live.
  • I would it even though it isn't free so if it was I may not because it would be so overcrowded. More so than now.
  • Sure, if it came to my area. If there was a bigger demand, there would be a lot more service.
  • Yes, but only if they were going right near where I wanted, and if I didn't have anything to buy. Can you imagine what would happen if I tried to get six bags of groceries onto the bus, and then three blocks from the bus stop to my house? Or what about this? I take my dog in for his shots and grooming, and then try to get a sick dog home, on the bus? Or take my grandson with his high chair, his stroller, and his playpen back home after his weekend with me? Let me see, which would I choose? l. It's raining, and I need to go buy some milk, so I walk three blocks to the bus, and then a block and a half to the store (and back), and it will take me 25 minutes each way, or - 2. I get in my car (dry in my garage), and park one space from the front of the store, and return home to my dry garage and the entire process takes 15 minutes.
  • Most likely not. Here it doesn't match up with where and when I'm going. It would turn a nice 20-25 minute drive into a 1/2 mile walk (Not that I mind) to a bus ride, wait wait wait, transfer, another bus ride, a two block walk (Again, not that I mind that part) and being late for work by that 2 hour twenty minute public transportation commute. I'd love to take the bus to work, and would gladly pay for it, but it just doesn't work in my case. It does work well in my wife's case, and if not for the kid, she'd pay that buck and a quarter ride every day for the door to door service, as is how it works in her case.
  • Yes, I certainly would. When I still lived in Germany, people with a disabled card could use trams, busses and railroads without fee. Other groups, like students, got very good discounts. It makes much sense in metropolitan areas, where busses go frequently and with a firm schedule.
  • Since I'm a student at BSU it is free, but I walk instead.
  • If it were safe and reasonably clean, sure!
  • I use it even when it's not free. Taking a car into Manhattan can be more trouble than it's worth.
  • Probably, the nearest bus stop to my house is a mile away , which is ok going to work but a bit of a drag after a long day at work. I do actually qualify for a senior citizens free bus pass..problem being,its not valid until after 9.30am I've done two hour at work by then.
  • ABsolutely.
  • For me it is free. I get a higher tax credit as my yearly ticket cost.
  • I've used it when it wasn't free but since I live out in the country, it's just not handy, even if it was no charge. Wish I could avail myself of more people movers instead of being in a car with just one or two people.
  • I use public transport all the time, and it's not free. What more if it is? :)
  • No. The cost is not the reason I don't use it, it's the safety and extreme increase in time to get from A - B.
  • It was free for a time after a bus strike and I did use it.
  • you mean it's not?

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