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  • Yeah, its true. Lesbian sex romps and sexual games are becoming the most practiced 'activities' at teen girl sleepovers and slumber parties today. I saw a news report a few weeks or months earlier saying that 'orgies, games and experimentation' are some of the most, if not THE most popular reasons that girls have sleepovers. The question you might be asknig now is "why?" Basically, its because of the society we live in. We're basically told everyday in almost every form of media that girl-on-girl sex is not only okay, its widely encouraged and looked at as a 'cool' thing to do. Music Videos, teen drama shows, sitcoms, movies, MTV, and even cartoons, video games, and other such forms of media tend to show girl-on-girl relations as acceptable and encouragable forms of "entertainment." Of course, if someone is a homosexual, then to each his/her own. But the problem with this is that the girls undertaking these activities are typically NOT homosexual, but are learning to become homosexual because of it. I've heard of lesbian encounters and to the more extreme, lesbian orgies occurring at slumber parties of 4 or more girls at ages as young as 11-13 years old. I even heard today (November 2nd 2004, Election Day) that an issue in one state is concerning a growing amount of lesbianism in public schools, to the point where it has gotten so extreme that they monitor hallways, bathrooms and locker rooms, allowing only 1 girl in the bathroom at a time, having girls change in locker rooms in supervised groups of 3, etc. Showers have apparently been banned as well. On the overall topic, its because of the frequent and easy exposure to girl-on-girl activity that lesbianism at slumber parties is becoming so widely practiced. You can't ever turn on your tv past 11pm at night without seeing a 'Girls Gone Wild' advertisement or infomercial on at least 6 or 7 different channels, where they make little effort to censor the activities of what I consider to be this country's most trashy and disgusting girls. Since the advertisement makes it look like so much fun, many girls are getting the idea into their head of 'why not?' The actual events that ocur at the sex parties goes beyond innocent experimentation with a kiss on the lips or the cheek. Multiple partners, french kissing, touching, masturbating each other, fingering vaginally and anally, oral sex(most frequent activity), multi-person showers, use of sex toys(how the younger age groups acquire them is a mystery in most cases), experimentation with foods and liquids, and any other type of lesbian sexual interactions imaginable are being practiced. Many times the parents are AWARE of this and do nothing. I remember one parent that was interviewed saying, and I quote "At least she's not doing this with boys. I feel more comfortable knowing that my daughter is just having harmless fun with her friends rather than having sex with a boy." This is typical of parents who do nothing about this situation...they think that this is 'harmless experimentation' when it is in fact leading to sexual confusion among the girls. If I remember correctly, the follow is the list of popularity among those activities in decreasing order: 1) Oral Sex (the single most popular activity) 2) Passionate Kissing w/groping, touching and caressing 3) Vaginal Pentration with fingers 4) Use of Sex Toys 5) Multi-person showers 6) Masturbation of others 7) Anal Penetration with fingers 8) Use of food in sex play 9) oral sex on the anus (most unpopular, but still practiced) I forget the entire number of girls interviewed for the stastic, but I beleive it was said that 89% of girls between the ages of 11 and 18 that were interviewed said they have either had homosexual encounters or have considered bi-sexuality. 46% of the same girls interviewed have said they have 'converted' to lesbianism, including breaking up with boyfriends, after having multiple sexual encounters at slumber parties or other group get togethers with girls. The age range statistics for each group, as in those most likely to participate in same sex encounters, were as follows: 11-14: 57% 14-18: 74% 18+: 89% According to research, groups of girls are more likely to participate in same sex encounters if there is one or more girls in the group that are significantly older than the others (by at least 2 or 3 years), because in many cases these older girls have a strong influence on the younger ones. This includes older sisters or older relatives such as cousins. This has lead to unhealthy relations between family members. There are warning signs to look out for. If you, or anyone else reading this question is a parent, look for these signs: - Extemely high rate of sleepovers (multiple times a week) - Decreasing grades in school (indicative of sexual preoccupation) - Unusual closeness between daughter and her friends (physically and emotinally) - Sudden huge interest in female models (posters or magazine pull outs for example) - Discovery of lesbian pornography or female nudity in daughter's possession - Unusual moaning or breathing soundswith friends behind closed doors - Discovery of sex toys, sexual aids (lubricants, etc) - Extremely volatile reaction to the answer of 'No' if daughter asks to go to a slumber party - Slumber Party is going to be at someone's house where there are no parents Those are just some of the signs to look out for. Same sex encounters at slumber parties have become so commonplace now that it is practically impossible to know for sure whether or not it is going on. If you ever suspect it may be happening, you should insist that, next time your daughter wants to go to a slumber party, it shoudl be at your house, where you can monitor it. The bottomline is yes, lesbianism at slumber parties is the single most practiced activity at these get-togethers, and it IS taking a toll on the easily influenced minds of these young girls. The overall rate of lesbianism is increasing, witht he highest increase being among teens from 11-18 years of age. Unfortuantely this is the trend and the influence of the society we are living in.
  • Just to add the MikeD81's very informative answer (wish my childhood was that fun!): Many young girls also practice tribbing with each other, and that too is one of the single most common homosexual practices among young girls who are 'just experimenting'. These encounters don't just happen at home either. They frequently occur in gym locker rooms and especially showers. They also happen quite frequently in cars and secluded spots where two or more of the girls can be alone and get away from anyone who can potentially catch them in the act. It is also very common for the girls to do this at home before the parents come home from work. Because of this, it frequently occurs in the summer months when the girls are off from school and the parents are working all day.
  • I have read all of the answers to this question and as a teenager I have to give my opinion. I have been to alot of sleepovers and slumber parties and I have to say that we do experiment. I am a 14 year old girl that goes to slumber parties that only have one or two other girls there. None of the slumber parties that I have gone too have had girls that are two, three, or even one year older than us. I have a friend of mine that spends alot of nights at my house and I spend alot of nights at her's and for a long time we would experiment. That is all that we did. Nothing further than that. If we don't get the time to experiment now then the chances of us turning full lesbian when we grow up is higher. What I have learned from experimenting is that I don't have a thing for girls no matter how many times I "experiment" and that I do like boys but I am no where near ready to have sex. In all honesty to all you mothers and fathers out there that are afraid of your child experimenting, let them! It helps us to figure out who we are. If we don't then we become very depressed, our grades drop, and we start to lose intrest in every day things like reading or even eating. The worst that can happen if you let you child "experiment" with the same sex is that we can find out that we like girls, or the other way around. Truely what is the worst that can happen. I have to ask the question of which would you rather have, your daughter getting to know another person's body of the same sex, or your daughter having sex. My mother would personally have me experimenting than having sex. If you let your daughter experiment, let her do it as many times as it takes for her to figure out what and who she is. I also have to say that I have been to other slumber parties and sleepovers and all we did was talk about boys all night and watch chick flicks. So not all sleepovers and slumber parties have girls experimenting with same sex things.
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the other answers are incorrect. But maybe this type of activity is more rampant in cities (or just in places other than Maine). I am a fourteen-year-old girl, and I was surprised to read this question. My friends and I occasionally have slumber parties, but I have never even heard of girls around here "experimenting" with each other. It probably happens, but not all slumber parties are that way.
  • Be careful, in discussing it (around women) or even asking to join (biggest male fantasy-out there) meaning they might be really bisexual (jackpot), because as a former teacher I remember when school age girls and boys looking for more attention started to pretend to be Lez and Gay. I wonder how real it really is, because Lez, Gay, BiSexual and etc are not the Majority of a society, it a born difference and percentages of born differences in us are small percentages compared to more normal births. I am pro Lez and Gay (not just because of my Lez and BiSexual Fantasies, but because I have a very liberal belief in inate human rights) so not trying to hurt Lez, Gay, BiSexual and etc people, I think as same as me just like the same sex or both sexes.
  • im 22 now, but some of my girlfriends and i did a lot of tribbing in high school and grammar school. it started with simple wrestling around, then moved into "wrestling" in your panties. i put that word in quotes because looking back at it now, most (if not all of us knew exactly what we were doing, trying to get the front of our panties to touch without boldly doing it. so eventually we would take however long it would take to get to that postion where one would over power the other. anyone walking in would clearly see what appeared to be us in the missionary position in our panties (which is what it was if we're being honest)and while we were giggling about who can "take who" in a test of strength, we were in actuality rubbing the front of our panties together while we talked about it. So, you were "doing it" and both trying to falsely ignore it at the same time! haha. that eventually lead to opening up a little wider and letting the one on top have better access, so you can get your pelvic mounds (and yes, your "soft spot") together and pressing inside your panties. that lead to eventually doing it naked of course and then just forgetting the "wrestling" and just grinding when we were alone...panties on...and off. if she was really cute and you really liked her was a great feeling to get like that with her. Karen
  • I'd say 'I wish' but I'm turning 18 in October and that might be a bit of a problem. I haven't heard of it happening, but that's not saying it doesn't.
  • In this day and age, nothing would surprise me.
  • As an 18 year old guy, I know a fair number of girls who will 'play' with other girls for the sake of guys' attention and/or pure sexual pleasure, without being truly bisexual or lesbian (i.e. "I don't really lust after the girl, she just feels good and/or 'playing' makes us look hot.") Never seen any negative effects on anyone involved; I've both seen girls 'show off' for guys (usually just kissing, though my girlfriend and a friend's girlfriend gave us a more explicit show), and heard of girls doing it alone for fun.
  • I have never been to one of those. My slumber parties involved strictly straight girls talking about guys and looking at Playgirl. I think it's disgusting that straight men today get turned on by lesbians! Theres your problem!! Just become gay men if you like the manly side!!!!Also, There are more gay men than women in this world. I have nothing against gays just straight people who are stupid!!
  • Sounds like it. I did it, I still do it, and I will keep on doing it. I started at like 11. My mother didn't have a problem with us being naked with each other so it was easy to pull off. I suspect she knew all along though because we breathed hard and moaned and all that good stuff, and she would never open the door when she came to check on us. She would just knock and ask through the door if we were having fun. At 16, she even told me it was ok to experiment as long as I avoided doing so with guys and she started joining in on our slumber parties. She didn't do anything sexual of course, but she would undress and sit in the room naked with everyone.
  • I felt the need to post again. The men in society are making youg girls do these things. On TV all you see are half naked women and girls are told that male nudes are ugly. Men today love to look at Lesi's. If I had a girl I would make her look at nude men like I did[Playgirl, Porn] and masturbate. That's how normal girls grow up and experiment! I would never even go near my own sex! Nothing against gays but for straight people this is sick!! And the male Body is such a turn on!
  • its true for me . my friends and had quite a few parties . where things got out of hand . usually with toys . mainly our mum's . he he
  • Maybe, but its probably that its more excepted today then before. Girls are admiting to it.
  • I think this is a healthy thing for young teens to experiment with, since it helps them to come to terms with what they want sexually. let them experiment! Good for them!
  • Yes it may be true...depending on the agegroup of the teenagers you are talking about.Basically they are curious and that has to be communicated well.
  • Yes it may be true.It is basically curiosity that must be addressed with proper care and guidance that's all.
  • This sounds like hype to me and moral panic. Some have but most haven't.
  • I am 23 and when I growing up we had alot of sleep overs. We did experiment. I just being honest, but none of it turn us gay or did it because we were gay. We did iut just to explore ourselves. Most sleepover have some level of experimentation that purpose of a sleep over. Here another truth most parents know, they just play dumb. Because they did the same thing when they were young.

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