• Each tug exerts a force which can be resolved into a force west and north for one and west and south for the other. The force west is the tug force times cosine 16 in each case. So the total force is 2 times tug force times cosine 16 . = 2.8838 x10^6 N and the net movement is west. The forces north and south are both the tug force time the cosine of (90-16) degrees. Since they are obviously equal but in opposite directions they cancel out and there is zero movement north or south. Work = force times distance* = 2.8838 x 650 x 10^6 = 1874.46 x 10^6 Joules for three sig, fig, the answer is 1.87 x 10^9 J *In SIU distance must be measured in metres

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