• Sure, lets see... BAD: * Babies wear diapers, then you change it. * Babies cry, then you get a headache. * Babies breast feed..enough said. GOOD: * You have a mini-me that you teach and guide. * You procreate with your spouse/lover/sperm donor. * You get to see if your mom was right when she said 'your child will treat you the way you treat me!'
  • They are expenisive, they smell, you lose your youth, you can't do anything on a whim anymore, they cry, they are loud, they drive you nuts, They take your breath away, they show you what true love really is, they make your life worth living!
  • you turn into parents. no more nights onthe town. babies can tax a couple. guys tend to run away. women want to run away. your parents become grandparents, and maybe even quasi parents. you have to get a gerber life insurance policy for possible accidental death and college education. you will want another child. and another child. you will have to move to a bigger residence. kids are expensive. one parent will have to be the mom, and the other will have to work for a sick leave and no leaving early. you will lose your single friends, and your childless couples. thats enough. there is lots more.....children are a lot of fun. the fun part overides all the bad parts.
  • They invade your space, your finances, your sex life, your love life and your peace. They whinge and whine and scream and in general have a difficult time understanding you that you want them to shut the fuck up and take care of themselves for at least 2 minutes a day. Your life as you know it will cease to exist after having a baby. Your heart is no longer your own and somehow nothing else matters except that baby's hold on you. Then they grow up <if they're lucky> and bring their dickhead partners into your life just for additional misery effect. ~ I can't think of any good reason to bring a child into a world where there are already thousands who lack someone to care for them ~ but that's just my very jaded opinion and i am sure someone else can think of some pretty reasons :)
  • look at them as you would a cat or dog Dog (Bad) potty training takes years and if their males they still can't be potty trained. Can't leave them alone or they will create havoc and leave you with a mess. If you leave anything laying around they will surely eat it, or at least try to. After they eat all the things they shouldn't, you are going to have to clean up the poop and puke! Cat (Good) They potty train easly They become independent They will become a concerened friend when in need, not for a treat They sleep alot Their tidy, other than they love toilet paper on rolls, we all did that one They appreciate your feeding them and will share their fresh killed mice with you.
  • The bad reasons: they invade your whole territory, make a mess, screw up your sex life, you can never do anything on the spur of the moment, you lose sleep, don't have as much money and THEY FUCKING HURT COMING OUT!!! The good reasons: They are precious angels when they sleep, the mischevious smile they have when they know they're doing something wrong, the sweet sound of "mommy" coming out of their mouth, they fulfill your life, it's cute to see little you's running around, the cute little things they say so innocently when it's hilarious

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