• Well, they say you should go to Dr. and have them syringed with water, or vaccumed out. But I worked with a registered nurse who said it was ok to carefully use the end of a bobby pin! I think the more careful you can be with your ears the better. It can be so easy to damage your hearing by putting things in your ears. Try filling your ears with warm water in the shower, then turn your head the other way and tip it out. Then take the corner of a cloth and carefully wipe around your ear. Remember, your ear needs to have some wax in it, that's why it makes it.
  • go to any drug store or even Wal-mart look for a over-the-counter ear wax removal kit will have oil drop, small bulb syringe in kit other than that you need warm water instructions will be in box, very easy to do place oil drops in ear, leave for alloted time to soften wax, them flush with warm water, hold a small bowl under ear to catch water as it runs out. (to aid in flushing you can add a tablespoon on : hydrogen peroxide solution) you will feel little bubbles is all. this is all like DR. does just don't do this to often as you need certain amount of wax in ears, only use the Q-tip in outside edges of ear just to get dirt etc, shouldn't use deep inside as this just pushes stuff inside
  • i put coconut oil in my ears to emulsify the wax, then i shoot warm water in with a blue rubber ball type gushes out everywhere. i do it in the shower. it is the easiest way. the very easiest way.
  • Technically you DON'T need to clean your ears UNLESS there is a problem. Wax is there for a reason. However, it is rather icky so I also use a Q-Tip, but it can't be very dangerous if you aren't super careful. The recommended way is to have your ears irrigated, or to get wax removal drops and a blue bulb to rinse it out of your ears.
  • i recently had a large wax plug removed from my right ear,i used to use q-tips,but all they did was pack the wax into the ear canal,this went on for 30 years until i lost some hearing in that e-n-t doctor said do not use q-tips in the inner ear,just the outer ear.i gues the wax doesnt settle in your inner ear,unless its pushed in.
  • OMG all the fuss people make over ear wax....a nurse told me once that you should NEVER EVER EVER use Qtips or ANYTHING THAT goes inside the ear!!!!!!!!!!! instead, just use a warm washcloth over your index finger and gently clean the little 'ledge' which is where the excess earwax goes anyway; the rest can stay in will not die if you don't take it all out!!!!!!!
  • A drop or two of coconut oil will soften and emulsify any hardened wax, and it's antibiotic as well so can also prevent infection. Ears are self cleaning.

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