• Pick one from the list below: Anemia = (blood problem) Iron deficiency = (not enough iron in the blood, relates to anemia) Heart failure = Again a problem with the blood = not enough flowing around. Arsenic poisoning = Your spouse tired of waiting? Cirrhosis (Cirrhosis of the liver)= Affects the blood) Low albumin = Potential causes alcohol, medications hepatitis B and C, Low calcium = (doubtful since you are not complaining of other symptoms) Malnutrition = Technically could be applied to Low Iron, Low calcium since these can be caused by bad nutrition or malnutrition) Pellegra = A nutritional disease due to a vitamin B deficiency. Um - Malnutrition by another name.... Tinea = ring worm of the nails. Ew is right. Yeast infection = A pretty name for "Fungal infection" Rat poison ingestion = Falls under Arsenic poisoning - can also be blood thinner since modern rat poisons thin the blood causing the rat to bleed to death internally - this also related to the blood. Further some medications (coumadin/Wafarin) contain the active ingredient which causes rats to bleed to death - it is a blood thinner. Trauma to the nails = you didn't say you used a hammer recently... ;-) Zinc deficiency = More malnutrition. I think that just about covers all the issues that can cause white in the nails to grow. Many such as malnutrition, anemia, blood thinners can start off with minor symptoms (slow poisoning too) thus the increase over time of the white in our nail. In all of the cases above you should see a doctor. In some tomorrow or next week is ok, in some cases best rush to the ER.
  • What do you mean by 'big'? I used to have white patches on my nails a lot when I was younger, now rarely. I'm sure it was related to nutrition for myself, but since I always had them I never worried about it. I guess I've balanced myself out. I would make an appointment with the doctor if you are worried though.. especially if you have any other symptoms.
  • Thanks for the advise. Will be meeting the doctor tomorrow.

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