• It should be a right that every person should be able to get affordable healthcare.
  • Health care is a right, even a stray dog or cat receives free health care when it falls ill.
  • why does this question sound familiar.. you must be watching the debate? lol. I think as a US citizen we should all have healthcare coverage. It is a shame when people have to spend an entire months paycheck just to cover health insurance payments without deductibles IF they can even get it at all. It's sad that people die because they can't afford treatment for simple easy to fix problems just because they happen to not be rich
  • privilege and responsibility..if you can afford to buy hair weaves, new shoes, and minutes for a cell phone and a new car on fucking 26 inch rims you shouuld be able to pay a healthcare premium..or do community service to recieve your free health insurance...and you should not be allowed to go to the emergency room unless its an emergency and you should still have to pay something...
  • It should be a right.
  • This should go in this order: privilege. responsibility. right.
  • Personal responsibility. How can something external be a right?
  • It's a privilege to those that don't need it. It's a Right to those that can't afford it. It's a Responsibility to those that are worried about paying for the others.
  • It has to be a responsibility. It was your parents choice to bring you into the world therefore it was their responsibility to take care of you until you were able. Now it is your turn to take care of yourself. I do advocate programs that allow low income families the means to basic healthcare but there has to be some investment from the recipient into it, however little it may be.
  • DAMNIT SASSY i was gonna ask this : [ its clearly a right.
  • Who is going to pay for rich people's healthcare?

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