• deoends what drugs your taken
  • If you are on a drug that your prospective employers would disapprove of why not stop the drug intake altogether. Niacin is just a vitamin supplement and will not mask the effects of any drug. Living a drug free life is a much better alternative to trying and masking the effects of the drug. And you will pass any drug test thid way.
  • how much use ? i have seen many fail becouse levels are too high ive also seen people die well not seen but i have heard of niacine OD. i your a light user and it has been a week or more maybe. why gamble with what might work?
  • Try looking at the fifty thousand other questions like this. The answers are all the same. Stop doing drugs and you won't have a problem. Nothing else is a positive 'fix' for a drug test. Tests now are testing for the things people USE to beat them, like goldenseal or temperature.
  • Try palo azul they say it works best
  • the only thing that will help you pass a drug test is not to take drugs

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