• personally, i don't really like using either of those mediums, acrylic paint works just fine. to be honest it all depends on what the artist prefers or what he/she is good at. I hate oil paints, and water color is fun, but i’d choose acrylic over both of them. you see? its the same as asking why some people like cats and some like dogs, both are good animals, loving, cute, and need to be taken care of. But there some people who would pick a bird or fish over a cat or a dog.
  • We all have mediums that make us happy.
  • Esthetic continuity and integrity that was unique to the piece and the artists interpretation at that time. Some things/subjects ring truer in water and some in oil. Most artists work in many different mediums as a result Rembrandt for instance.
  • Just a matter of personal preference and skill. Each different medium entails a different skill set. Some are more talented in one medium (myself and watercolors for example) and others in different mediums (such as oils).

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