• OK, Rosie....why arrogant? Confident,assertive....even a pushy broad. She wouldn't have been picked otherwise as she has to push her way throught the Old Boys Network. And ignorant? Maybe, to you, she has a different set of values....where does 'ignorant' come in? Unless you mean rude. I'm Canadian, so it is really irrelevant...but I am curious about your comment here.
  • I agree she is very arrogant, and ignorant
  • they are republicans. they act like republicans. they are wolves in sheep clothing. they want to eat you for dinner.
  • I have to disagree. Cheney may be arrogant, but he is by no means ignorant. He has been closely involved with the inner circle of our government for about 30 years now. Palin does not even come close to the level of danger that Cheney presents to our system of checks and balances. She may be both arrogant and ignorant, but the only real danger I can see is the horrifying precedent of unchecked power that Cheney has established during his Vice-Presidency.
  • I think everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But in all fairness, I also think it should be stated and left as an opinion and not fact.
  • Cheney, while a good and knowledgeable man, is at least thought to be really old, hence his health, and at least a little weird. Palin is neither arrogant nor ignorant, for vigor and spunk is not arrogance, neither is a differing opinion indicative of ignorance. Many think differently for they know something that those who differ from them in opinion do not.
  • I think I agree and I think i'm gonna give you some points.
  • From what I have seen and heard, Palin is 'Bush in Heels', so I guess she could also be considered a clone of Cheney, since Bush is only a sock puppet for Cheney. Cheney, Bush Sr. and the rest of the Illuminati have chosen the candidates well with the intention to achieve their longed for New World Order. I doubt that Palin is even aware that she is just a pawn in this.
  • She smiles more, and she's a lot better looking...but, basically, Cheney in a dress.
  • Cheney has arrogance on steroids but he is anything but ignorant. Palin isn't even in the ballpark that Cheney umpires, let alone a clone.
  • I disagree Rosie. I've liked her from the start. But here's some points. I wouldn't find your question "not helpful" just because I totally disagree
  • I think she is arrogant for sure. I can just tell by the way she responds to questions and basically just tries to answer questions that she wants to and is like " well this is what I am answering and I know Im right". I dont think she is ignorant, i mean she is a governor and has to have some intelligence. At least a little lol
  • I think that you couldn't be closer to the truth
  • It seems all the U.S. politicians are clones of one another, in fact, I think politicians everywhere are poured out of the same test tube.
  • You get minus for this.And Obama isnt arrogant?He's arrogant enough to think that no-one believes he has something in his past he's trying to hide.
  • Well, she's pretty darned hot looking for a clone of Cheney, don't you think? ;)~
  • They are similar and I have no love for Palin but Cheney is evil. I dont see Palin as a evil person. She's not too bright but not evil like old Cheney.
  • I think you are quick to Judge. and you said you wanted Change. How is Obama Change?

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