• Yes. You contracted to sell the car and are now obligated. I am sure if the roles were reversed (i.e. you still wanted to sell and the buyer no longer wanted to buy) that you would insist that he cannot back out of the deal.
  • Give him back his deposit and/or prepare yourself to give it back when the court demands it. In the case of a car. Whoever signs the title, owns the vehicle and as long as you own it and didn't sign anything saying otherwise. There is nothing he can do but sue you for his deposit back.
  • Have you given a bill of sale yet? I would think that the sale would not be complete without this.
  • You may have a verbal agreement, but its only legal when its overheard by a 3rd party. If his check is uncashed, you are still the owner. Give him back the check, but first make a copy of it, just in case he attempts to sue you for whatever reason.
  • A person is only as good as their should hold true to it....a verbal agreement is binding in most would have to lie to try to get out of it...and that would be two strikes...
  • Why have you changed your mind? Did somone offer you more money? If you just do not want to sell the car to anyone right now, wait for his lawyer to contact you and then you can return his money in front of his lawyer.
  • I put a deposit on a car at a dealership, and it was non-refundable (I changed my mind, though, not the seller.) I think that unless there was some kind of contract signed, he doesn't really have a case against you. I'd suggest asking a lawyer.

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