• Absolutely. There is always a point in voting. If you decide not to vote, you have no right to complain about the results. All bets are off in this election regarding who is going to win each state. And besides, there are always state and local issues that could be decided by a few, or even one, vote. It has happened! Get out there and vote. Be a good citizen!!
  • Yes WV was always Democrat state because it was bougth by Kennedy with little bottles of liquor, we just changed recently, but most of our elected officals are democrats. We are a shining example of failure for the world to see. However we will be voting McCain.
  • Polls and history are only part of what determines what your state will do. If enough people who believe differently vote, it changes things!! It's those who sit on the side line and don't vote that will never bring about the changes that they want. In addition, there are state and municipal votes that your vote will have a huge impact on. I'm a firm believer that those who don't vote have no right to stand up, scream, yell, and gripe when things don't go as they wish.
  • maybe not

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